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Osondu Newsletter is a periodical publication of the BMP Committee designed to enunciate and disseminate the viewpoints that inform the programs and activities of the committee. As a hardcopy companion of the web site publications, its circulation will be mostly focused in locales that are presently deficient in facilities for electronic communication media. Groups and individuals that wish to receive regular editions of the newsletter should indicate such to the web master at osondu.com or through a separate correspondence that is posted on the newsletter.

Ndigbo have a penchant for traveling far and wide throughout the globe. Many of them reside outside Igboland in Nigeria, elsewhere on the African continent and in the Diaspora. The U.S. probably has the highest number of Ndigbo than any other country outside Nigeria. There are many pan-Igbo organizations and associations of indigenes of various states, local governments and communities that are functional in many population centers around the U.S. Osondu web site will compile a directory of such groups and provide links to those with sites on the Internet.

There will be links to online publications of major Nigerian and international newspapers and media houses, especially those that frequently deal with issues that are of interest to Ndigbo.

Osondu Interviews shall feature interviews with individuals who, by perception of the Editorial Board, have issues of unique value to share with our reading public. Reprints of interviews, published elsewhere, may be republished here for benefit of our guests. Contact the Editor for more details.

Osondu Newsletter welcomes contribution of viewpoints and insightful articles from general public. Items selected for publication by the editor shall be listed below. There may be minor editing of the original text to conform with the standard of this newsletter. Opinions expressed in published articles, however, remain those of the original authors.
Title of Article
Federal Police Control Renders State Legislators Impotent Dr. Chris Aniedobe
The Lost Igbo Dr. Emeagwali
Biafra on My Mind Okenwa Nwosu, M.D.
Okadigbo Chats With Washington Caucus, 2001 Okenwa Nwosu, M.D.
Nigeria Needs a Dose of Igbo Worldview Okenwa Nwosu, M.D.
Washington DC Eulogizes Dr. Chuba Okadigbo Special Events Editor
Black History Month 2004 - Remembering Paul Robeson Ugorji O. Ugorji
Gully Erosion in Alaigbo Prof. Boniface Egboka
Dr. Okenwa Nwosu's Interview with Champion Newspaper Adeze Ojukwu
Lost Between Two Worlds Dr. Okenwa Nwosu
Oath Taking, Partisan Politics & Nigerian Democracy Dr. Okenwa Nwosu
Structuring True Federalism: Gen. Ejoor, Enahoro & Co. Dr. Odindu Odunze
Onitsha Eyesore Dr. Okenwa Nwosu
Resource Control & Citizen's Rights Are Inseparable Dr. Okenwa Nwosu

The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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