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Osondu Photos are a collection of photos with particular interest to Osondu Foundation, Inc. and its membership desire to accurately capture and depict that tell the story of their convictions and real life experiences. The collection, though random in nature, shall be organized and properly labeled to help browsers appreciate their import and relevance in the enhancement of the foundation's overall agenda. The photos remain the property of Osondu Foundation, Inc. and unauthorized reproduction and publication of contents of Osondu Photos are prohibited without express consent of the Osondu Editor and Osondu Foundation. Request for permission and further clarifications as well as relevant comments about all published items can be done by contacting the Osondu Editor.
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Images of Biafran Holocaust   Horrors of Kaduna Religious Riots
Biafran War Veterans, Oji river   Run-for-Life Campaign at Nnewi
Columbia 2003   Houston 2002
Dallas All-Igbo Summit 2003   Images from Washington DC
Okadigbo in Washington, 2001   Washington Celebrates Okadigbo
Disney World, Orlando, Florida   Paradise in the Sun
Pan Igbo Conference 2004   Odiche Gala Night 2004
Reception at Safari   Congratulations, Adora !
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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