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Osondu Poems provide a platform for publishing an anthology of poems that reflect on the spiritual, philosophical and ideological inclinations of founders and rank-and-file membership of the Osondu Foundation, Inc. Contributors have the option of displaying their names as authors of published poems and date of production to authenticate the originality of their works. Published poems remain the property of their original authors and the Osondu Foundation. Reproduction and republication of contents of Osondu Poems is prohibited without proper consent of Osondu Newsletter Editor and Osondu Foundation, Inc. Request for permission and further clarifications as well as relevant comments about all published items can be obtained by contacting the Osondu Editor.

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African Thunderbird The Cosmic Race
Death on a Stake   Wait for Me
Vultures of Sahel   Echoes of Sharpeville
For Sake of Africa   Cleanse the Land
The Singing Bird   The Cradle of Man
Warriors of the Mind   Just a Dream
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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