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The Civil War era left Nigerians, particularly those who inhabited the war zones, with long-lasting physical and psychological trauma which is still evident in the minds of survivors of that national tragedy. The protracted military rule that followed the Civil War has further entrenched the feeling of bewilderment and estrangement amongst those who were on the losing side. Ndiigbo were particularly mistreated and discriminated against for spearheading the secession of the breakaway state of Biafra and for mounting a 30-month heroic resistance to the central government in Lagos. By military fiat, post-war army rulers, who mostly comprised elements from the North and West, virtually shut out Ndiigbo from any meaningful participation in national governance. Return of democracy to Nigeria presents a unique opportunity for Ndiigbo and all other marginalized entities in the polity to seek restitution and self-redemption. Osondu Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission that is focused on restoration of Ndiigbo and their historical allies to the respectable status which they had before the Civil War.

To successfully tackle this daunting task, Osondu Foundation, in collaboration with similarly committed pan-Igbo groups, has embarked on the Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) as an initial phase in its endeavor for obvious reasons. The average Igbo sorely needs a tidy closure to the horrors of the Civil War and its aftermath so as to enable him to face the future without distractions. Ndiigbo and the rest of their compatriots can utilize essential components of the BMP as ingredients for national healing and nation building. We believe that cleansing the land of iniquities of yesteryears shall, in turn, resurrect the spirit of nationalism and patriotism which inspired our founding fathers to struggle for the birth of a nation that is destined to be home for all Nigerians for posterity. Beyond the BMP, the Osondu Foundation is also engrossed in devising practical solutions to the environmental, sociocultural, economic and political quandary in which Nigeria has been plunged for past decades. Follow the Osondu Newsletter periodicals for more information on the agenda and program of activities of the BMP and Osondu Foundation, Inc.
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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