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By far, the most important legacy of military rule has to be the radical political transformation of Nigeria through the prosecution of one of Africa’s most tragic civil wars”. This statement, issued by the Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) Committee, was part of a resolution which has proffered a practical means to revisit the Biafran issue for the ultimate good of the Nigerian nation.The statement acknowledged that the radical stance of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), in spite of the unrealistic ambitions of its founders, has brought back the unresolved issues of the Civil War to the center of national consciousness. The BMP release further opined that “re-emergence of the Biafran issue should not be seen as just a national security matter .... .... - More

There is a clamor by membership of major pan-Igbo groups in America to coalesce their organizational efforts into the formation of Ohanaeze-USA as an integral part of the main body at home. The nature of contemporary Nigerian politics requires an Ohanaeze that is composed of dynamic, experienced and competent hands which are in ample supply in many large population centers across the USA. A spokesman of one of US-based pan-Igbo groups, in private comment, envisions a new Ohanaeze that “has more of the Oha than the Ezes within is ranks.”.... - More
As a tool for healing the pain of the Civil War, the bill has asked the President to establish a “Civil War Reconciliation Committee”, from all political parties and all geopolitical zones in Nigeria, to address all pertinent issues regarding the Civil War. The Committee shall be required to invite group and individual testimonies which shall “focus on the causes of the Civil War, the massacres of the Civil War, the tortures of the Civil war, and the necessary reparations to be made by the Federal Government to the aggrieved, if any”. .... - More
One of the primcipal objectives of the BMP is opening of the Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor which encompasses the Niger Delta, southeastern coastline, Alaigbo and the hinterland. This corridor starts from Warri to Calabar estuaries and extends into the Nigerian heartland. Opening this new corridor shall instantaneously double the economic output potential of Nigeria by expanding present activities in Lagos corridor. ..... - More

In the face of severe suffering, hunger and death as well as unrelenting military pressure from the well equipped and more numerous federal troops, the average Biafran needed to hear the type of inspirational speech that Ahiara Declaration turned out to be. It was a great paradox that the enunciation of the Biafran dream predated its collapse by only 6 months. Nonetheless, the Ahiara Declaration posed many questions.... ...- More
The proposed ‘Igbo Day’ has been portrayed as a conduit for addressing the recent sociopolitical history of our people within the Nigerian context and also as a showcase for resurgent Igbo nationalism. Because of the implications of the latter, it would have been more prudent to deeply reflect on the choice of terms, such as ‘Igbo Day’, so as not to unduly encourage the stigmatization of Ndiigbo who do not belong to the Southeast and those who reside and work regularly in other parts of Nigeria. ...... - More
The Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) Committee recently paid a visit to the Home for Biafran Veterans in Oji River, Enugu State. The delegation, which was led by Meke Ifejika and the BMP leader for the Southeast, Chief Chuba Nweke, ended on a very high emotional tone when the veterans and their dependents as well as the guests burst into nostalgic songs of the Biafran era. ....- More

The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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