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By far, the most important legacy of military rule has to be the radical political transformation of Nigeria through the prosecution of one of Africa’s most tragic civil wars”. This statement, issued by the Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) Committee, was part of a resolution which has proffered a practical means to revisit the Biafran issue for the ultimate good of the Nigerian nation.

The statement acknowledged that the radical stance of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), in spite of the unrealistic ambitions of its founders, has brought back the unresolved issues of the Civil War to the center of national consciousness. The BMP release further opined that “re-emergence of the Biafran issue should not be seen as just a national security matter that must be forcibly squelched. It should instead be seen as a call to revisit a relevant era of our past which can help to accelerate national healing and the revival of erstwhile can-do mentality that Nigerians had in the immediate post-Independence era”.

The statement advised the “Nigerian nation to solemnize the traumatic experiences of the Civil War through the declaration of a national holiday for the sole purpose of remembering the human tragedy of that era.”

Revisiting Biafra will frontally deal with the desire by many citizens to find some type of closure to the traumatic experiences that confronted many individuals and groups in the heat of the Civil War. Biafrans particularly and other Nigerians will utilize such opportunity to finally bury their dead, reflect on the circumstances that necessitated the untimely demise of 1.5 million fellow citizens and hopefully reaffirm our commitment to honor and respect the outcome of those sacrifices in our future interactions with each other. ..... - More
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