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The task of pulling our people out of the mindset of defeat and neglect into the proud society that we have been in the recent past will require a well thought-out agenda and blueprint to guide all of us who must spearhead this endeavor. Agenda Ndiigbo shall depict a clear articulation of ways and means for revitalizing the sociocultural, economic and political relevance of our people in contemporary Nigeria and also streamline future interactions of our people with other ethnopolitical interest groups in the country. All public figures, including office holders and representatives of Igbo origin, will be made to comply to a set of ethical conducts that will meet public expectation as well as not contradict the laid out goals of Agenda Ndiigbo. .... - More
In a move that marked a major departure from the usual habit of fleeing to the East during previous crises, Ndiigbo have been asked to stay wherever they are residing now and weather the recent bloodshed that followed the introduction of Sharia in the North. The call was made by the former Biafran leader and Ikemba Nnewi, Chief C. Odumegwu Ojukwu, while commenting on the reported killing of Ndiigbo in Sharia riots in Kaduna State. ......- More
Civil War Memorial
Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, in the immediate aftermath of the orgies of bloodletting that was caused by imposition of Islamic Sharia penal codes in some Northern states, went on a nationwide telecast to appeal for calm and to call for cessation of all hostilities.. ..... - More
The “Enyimba Doctrine” is not unlike the policy which the Israelis have used effectively to curtail the incessant attacks from their adversaries in Palestine. For Ndiigbo, the new doctrine is not only an added insurance to bolster their immediate security in this particularly turbulent phase of Nigerian history but its implementation in the coming months and years will certainly persuade our compatriots to seek civilized and peaceful means to live together as fellow citizens. ........- More

“Let there be no mistake about the fact that the 1.5 million Biafrans, who lost their lives during the Civil War, were the sacrificial offerings made for the purposes of both keeping Nigeria one and secular.” This was the essence of the statement issued by the Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) Committee in reaction to the recent loss of lives in nationwide Sharia-instigated riots. The statement reminded President Obasanjo that, from now, he has the choice to uphold the secularity of Nigeria or resign from his office. ..... - More

The choice of this option is based on the fact that Ndiigbo have made tremendous sacrifices for the Nigerian nation, especially during the Civil War. The only way to justify those sacrifices for posterity is to ensure that the blood of 1.5 million Biafrans, who perished in the struggle to keep Nigeria one, was not spilt in vain. The evolution of the novel “Enyimba Doctrine” is in consonance with the basic tenets and spirit of Option 3B. .... - More
“In the circumstance, Your Majesty, I no longer wish to wear the garb of the British Knighthood. British fair play, British justice, and the Englishman's word of honor which Biafra loved so much and cherished have become meaningless to Biafrans in general and to me in particular. Christian Britain has shamelessly let down Christian Biafra.” In these immortal words from one of the great sons of Africa, Dr. Akanu Ibiam has forever established and entrenched a moral yardstick which present and future generations of Ndiigbo must inculcate and utilize to defend our honor and dignity in face of overwhelming odds. ..... - More
..... - More
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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