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Erosion is a force of nature which humanity has learnt how to manage and live with since antiquity. Southeastern Nigeria, to which Alaigbo belongs, is in equatorial rain forest climatic zone and receives about 80 inches of rainfall annually. This area has one of the highest population densities in sub-Saharan Africa. The loose rock and soil formation makes it easy for development of sheet, rill and gully erosion throughout the former Eastern Nigeria. Authorities in erosion believe that there are, at least, 2,500 gully sites in the Southeast zone, with more than 700 of those located in Anambra state.

This page is dedicated to function as a repository for matters that relate to the menace of erosion and efforts and strategies for dealing with the scourge that is ravaging our ancestral land and everything in it. Expert views on the genesis of flood and gully erosion as well as diverse methodologies for dealing with them shall be offered. It is hoped that enhanced knowledge about erosion is a necessary prerequisite in any successful popular campaign to control this menace in Alaigbo and elsewhere in Nigeria. Resources for combating erosion shall be researched and collated for easy referencing. Past and present efforts as well as future plans for controlling erosion, particularly in equatorial rain forest climatic belt in Nigeria, shall be provided to persuade and inspire all those interested to join a new crusade against this worsening threat.

Erosion gullies have now advanced into some urban centers in Alaigbo as depicted in this photo. Ugly faces of gully erosion, which manifest in various forms, litter the once lush landscape of our rain forest homeland. Ugly Faces of Erosion Gullies page offers a pictorial summation of ravages of erosion menace in Southeast Nigeria.

You can join or support ABEC today by contacting the President of ASA- USA, Prince Jimmy Asiegbu <JASMAKAUTO@aol.com> or Dr. Chris Aniedobe <chrisaniedobe@yahoo.com>.

REMEMBER: The way we understand and take care of our immediate surroundings tells the world a lot about who we are as a people and the reverence with which we regard our indigenous African value system. Join the crusade TODAY to protect and preserve the sanctity of our ancestral homeland.

Understanding Erosion Menace & Its Ultimate Remedy
Anambra Bi-Atlantic Erosion Commission (ABEC) is confident that the grassroots shall provide bulk of the needed manpower and surveillance that are key elements in stopping erosion menace at its very source of origin. Flood water runoff originates from homesteads and farmlands across the land. Enlightened and mobilized grassroots population can eliminate flood water erosion and gully formation by implementing the "zero runoff" principle in all towns, villages, farmlands and homesteads in Anambra state.
Gully Erosion in Alaigbo
"According to credible reports, Anambra, Abia, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi States have over 750, 650, 500, 400 and 250 major erosion sites respectively. This gully census is conservative and incomplete since smaller and young gullies were not enumerated. These younger gullies shall ultimately mature within next year and pose as serious a hazard as older ones" - Prof. Boniface Egboka
.......A dose of Igbo Worldview
Valuable farmlands, homesteads and roadways are devastated along this corridor in an ongoing basis. This type of major environmental disaster cannot be effectively addressed through the award of federal contracts only. The local population must be mobilized to get involved through the inculcation of a maintenance culture that corrects problems on regular basis before monstrous catastrophes occur. - Dr. Okenwa Nwosu .........more
Planning for Erosion Control
"The practices selected to control erosion should be based on a combination of principles. First, the practices should maintain soil infiltration rates at high levels to reduce runoff to negligible amounts. Examples are mulching and vegetation cover. Second, they should safely dispose of runoff from the field. Such physical structures as hedgerows, contour canals, stone walls, and terraces are used for this." - VITA Volunteer, Jim Chamberlain .....more
Study of Nanka Formation
The presence of the Awka-Orlu highland standing over 300m above sea level at Isuofia but which falls to about 200m at Nanka implies the existence of a large hydraulic gradient and attendant increase in the velocity of water down the Odo river within Nanka town. This has caused the "quick sound" responsible for the gully erosion in the area. - E. A. Emenike ........more

A draft legislation designed to kick-start and streamline integrated erosion control measures in states of the Southeast and elsewhere has been presented to political and community leaders of this zone for review, debate, ratification and enactment. It requires a bold frontal attack by generality of the citizenry, especially at the grassroots level, for us to be able to permanently eliminate the erosion menace that is ravaging our land. An empowering legislation shall send the message to all and sundry that there is a popular will to confront and overcome the threat that erosion has poses to the well being of the average citizen. Study this draft bill and make your own input as you see fit. But most important of all, throw your weight behind it in order to press for its enactment without further delay. Make representations to your governor, representatives and community leaders in Nigeria and press them to step up to meet the imperatives of their responsibilities to our collective welfare. We can conquer and subdue the erosion menace that is desecrating our ancestral land. How can you personally help in this effort?
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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