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Organizations, groups, businesses and individuals can post announcements and advertisements for activities and events here for public viewing. Documents, including photos, can be displayed on this page, at the Editor's discretion, to better inform our guests of issues of interest to the general public. Submitted items may be edited to conform with our format and standard before publication. Send all documents, including photos, to the Osondu Editor at osonducom@osondu.com
Become part of the action. Check these out!
World Summit on Reparations for Africa, Abuja, Nigeria
All-Igbo Political Summit, July 2003
Pan Igbo Conference 2004
Dr. Nwosu's Interview With Champion Newspaper
WIC Igbo History Contest 2004
Reception at Safari
Lost Between Two Worlds
Oath Taking, Partisan Politics & Nigerian Democracy
Restructuring True Federalism: Gen. Ejoor, Tony Enahoro & Co.
Let's Not Disrespect Ikemba
Bush is Wrong on Stem Cell Research
Leadership Choices for WIC 2005

The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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