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Biafra is the single most important issue that unites Ndigbo because the experiences of the Civil War and its aftermath has defined the contemporary history the Igbo nation.  Authoritarian military dictatorship in Nigeria effectively silenced all discussions of the issues that surrounded the Civil War which cost the lives of estimated 1.5 million lives, mostly Igbos.  Since the exit of army rule has stimulated Nigerians to engage themselves in serious search for ways and means to move the nation forward, it is germane that there ought to be a re-visitation of the most traumatic era of our nation-hood, hopefully heal old but festering wounds and aspire not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) is not a mere ceremonial event to mourn the horrendous losses of one of Africa's fratricidal wars but rather it is planned program of activities that will bring about a just resolution to perceived misdeeds as well as expunge the lingering bitter taste that still remains with those who were embroiled in that conflict.  The BMP is multifaceted and has various levels of design and execution.  The political arm will aspire to restore the status of parity, which we had in pre-war Nigeria, with the other major rivals in the North and West.  The economic arm will aim at consolidating and focusing the economic ingenuity of Ndigbo toward a speedy development of Igboland and the contiguous territories that border it in the Niger Delta and the Southeast coastline.

The political and economic arms of the BMP will be buttressed by structured sociocultural agenda that will strengthen Igbo heritage by fostering our indigenous values while streamlining and abrogating practices, like the osu caste system, which no longer serve any useful function of Ndigbo in the 21st Century.

The BMP shall work assiduously to ensure that a special day shall be set aside annually to commemorate the lives of those who perished in the struggle for Biafra.  It is everyone's expectation that fellow Nigerians will see the wisdom in joining us in this endeavor because the losses, even though perceived most amongst the Igbos, were still substantial in other groups that were also caught up in  that catastrophic crisis.  A National Memorial Day, a public holiday for the commemoration of the Civil War nationwide, is the least that should be expected from fellow citizens to honor the war heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, on both sides of the battle line, to bequeath to us the nation that we inherit today.

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